5 ways to keep fit in school

Staying fit

Hey guys!

It’s back to school season! I am excited that it’ll be my last year, I can’t wait to graduate but over summer I have picked up health and fitness and I am going to be incorporating that into my school schedule.

For someone who lives off campus and is completely in charge of their schedule it’ll be a lot easier but for people like me who live on campus and have mandatory activities so we have to make more effort to arranging our schedule within our free time.

Arrange your schedule

School hasn’t resumed so you don’t exactly have your time table but you still have the opportunity to arrange your daily schedule of times you know will definitely be free then decide which you will dedicate to exercise.

Whether you will join a gym, go jogging or go walking have that time then you can decide what you will do exactly when you have your time table.


If you have a cafeteria then they will definitely have fruits or vegetables that you can incorporate into your diet but if you’re self catering then it’s great because you can decide exactly what to buy.

Stick to healthy foods and less fried good, be sure to get food you know you will love, fruits and vegetables to snack on and get food prep bowls so you can draw feeding time tables; if you don’t plan what to eat you will either just eat whatever or find yourself eating out and getting processed food.


Walk more, instead of getting rides or taking elevators. Walk or ride a bike to get around, It’s exercise on the go. I prefer getting rooms on floors above the ground just so I get to exercise climbing the stairs and now I’m going to use a pedometer to track my steps.


Get yourself a cute water bottle; it doesn’t have to be cute but a water bottle is awesome; you’ll fill it with water every morning and ensure you drink atleast two bottle-fulls because water is essential for good health, great skin, hair and nails.

I wrote a post on the importance of water you can read here.

Fitness buddy

You need a fitness buddy, someone to jog with or walk to class with, someone who will remind you to drink water and things like that. I wrote a post on accountability partner you can read here and they are very important so you don’t forget you’re on a fitness journey.

What tips will you incorporate? Tell me about it, I am so curious!

I didn’t do a weight check because I honestly feel like I’ve added like a little weight and I have decided I’m not just on a weight loss journey but a fitness journey, It’s not about the numbers anymore but about my overall health.

What do you think about this decision? Should I still measure to track my progress or just continue on my fitness journey and do monthly checks?


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Stay fit, Stay healthy

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