Transitioning 102 : Handling two hair textures

The underlying issue with transitioning your hair is that you get to handle two hair textures at once, for some people this is the most frustrating season of their natural hair journey but it doesn't have to be that way.


How to transition like a pro

Transitioning is a process of growing out your natural hair whilst keeping your relaxed ends, this will result in you having to deal with two textures at the same time and that's where it may get tricky.

6 ways to have healthy hair in school

Hey guys! School will be resuming soon and it's time to plan your hair care regimen for school, hair styles and get supplies if you've run out. Generally, you should be able to follow your normal regimen at home but university can get stressful and you may find it hard to keep up especially if … Continue reading 6 ways to have healthy hair in school