Am I giving up on my fitness journey?

Hey guys! The answer to that question is a capital NO. I am not giving up on my fitness journey especially now that I'm beginning to get results. I however will not be blogging about it. If you have noticed my new blog is totally dedicated to hair care and while there are a lot … Continue reading Am I giving up on my fitness journey?

6 ways to have healthy hair in school

Hey guys! School will be resuming soon and it's time to plan your hair care regimen for school, hair styles and get supplies if you've run out. Generally, you should be able to follow your normal regimen at home but university can get stressful and you may find it hard to keep up especially if … Continue reading 6 ways to have healthy hair in school

Fro friend : Todimu Oduniyi

Hey guys! It's August! August is an awesome month for A drop of black because it's the month this blog was launched. Our fro friend from this month is the beautiful Todimu, she is really friendly and you guys should reach out to get on Instagram. 1. What is your name and give us an … Continue reading Fro friend : Todimu Oduniyi

Planning for the new school year

University is such an awesome experience, you get to meet so many people, learn new things and join so many clubs but its also very easy to get carried away in all the side attractions and forget about your academics till exam time which will result in inadequate preparation and you know what that can cause.

Before the beginning of the semester it is important to plan how you want it to go. It won't be very detailed planning but an overview that can guide you through that semester.