How to transition to natural like a pro

Transitioning to natural hair

If you aren’t the type to cut your hair then there is an alternative; you can transition to natural hair! I transitioned for two years till all my relaxed hair cut off then I decided to trim so my ends can be healthy (keep in mind I didn’t trim my hair till January 2018 which was years later but my hair was still flourishing.)

Transitioning is a process of growing out your natural hair whilst keeping your relaxed ends, this will result in you having to deal with two textures at the same time and that’s where it may get tricky.

The great thing about transitioning is that you retain all your natural hair growth while the relaxed ends may be the ones to suffer from split ends and single strand knots so if your start to transition to natural hair this year and your growth rate is half an inch a month, you’ll get your full 12 inches in two years!

Understand your situation

You are going to be dealing with different hair texture for the next few months or the next year, don’t expect it to be the same as wgen you had chemically straightened hair.
You won’t be able to run all combs through easily or as often, you can’t achieve some styles due to the conflict of textures so don’t try to be like someone else. Enjoy your transitioning journey because it won’t last forever.

Know your line of demarcation

This is the most fragile point in your hair strands, this is where your natural hair ends and relaxed hair starts, it can very easily break and this breakage will mean split ends.

Pamper your hair

Don’t be shy to use products, don’t be scared to moisturize, take out time to detangle your hair properly, check out hairstyles that will accommodate both textures and look cute.


Finger detangle and use a wide tooth comb after dealing with the major knots, use a detangler or conditioner with great slip so the comb and your fingers glide through. Friction equals breakage.


Deep condition often, don’t wait till you trim off relaxed ends, any hair texture deserves softness. Starting up your natural hair journey by already incorporating important routines like deep conditioning will impact your hair health in the long run.
Moisturize your hair using the LOC method as often as you feel you need it, when your hair feels dry have your moisturizing products at hand.

Protective styling

Your hair is fragile so protect it! Keep those ends tucked, keep those strands protected, rock your braids, faux locks, wigs, or weaves.

Since the hair is fragile an awesome way to keep it from breaking is by protective styling. Just don’t leave it in too long or make it too tight if not you’ll get the breakage you’re trying to prevent.

Some people find sleek styles or braid outs to work for them. If that is what you fancy go on and rock your style, nobody said your transitioning period should be a sad one for your hair. Just be careful to not over-manipulate your hair, you don’t need to do a new hairstyle every day.

Avoid chemicals

You’re trying to go natural, now is not the time to experiment with colors or chemical-based products. Don’t weaken your strands or promote breakage unintentionally.

During this transition phase, try to use the least amount of harsh products as you can. Use moisturizing products and treatments that protect the integrity of your hairs protein structure.

Avoid heat

Heat is not really your friend, except you’re low porosity and are applying a healthy amount during deep conditioning. Don’t try to straighten your hair with a flat iron or curl your hair with a tong, don’t use a hot comb or other tools that involve heat, it can cause heat damage.

During the transition process, your hair is already vulnerable to breakage, heat may worsen it’s condition so you have to be careful with it.

Set up a regimen

With the few things I have listed, You may already have an idea of what type of hair care regimen you need. If you are not sure how to go about setting up your hair care regimen. Check out my complete guide with printable templates or schedule a consultation with me.

Have you decided to transition to natural hair? Comment below so I can know. I’m so eager to find out!

Do you have stories about your switch to natural hair you will like to share? Contact me!
Stay glam, Stay you.

-Drop of black.

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