Awesome natural hair content creators on Instagram

Natural hair influencers on Instagram

The role of natural hair content creators in the natural hair community can not be overstated. They help with breaking down important concepts, help with hair style inspiration and test out products for the rest of us. If you are a natural you simply can’t do without following a few of them on social media.

Over my many years as a blogger in the natural hair community, I have come across awesome hair video content creators through various social media platforms. In a recent post, I give my favourite type 4 hair youtubers. In this post however, I will be sharing Instagram content creators.

These seven ladies are taking control of reels, posts and Instagram stories bringing funny, relatable and helpful content to their followers on a weekly basis. The best part is that they are very interactive with their followers. They hold polls, reply comments and do research on your questions before making posts about them.

7 natural hair content creators I am loving

Who are they? Why do they do what they do? What kind of content do they post? These content creators sent in the answers your questions and you will be seeing an example of their posts below each bio.


Destiny | @curlscoilsandthings | she/her/hers

“I am a natural hair content creator based in Nashville, TN. In 2014, my natural hair journey started after years of breakage, relaxer burns, and heat damage. I watched countless hours of YouTube videos about transitioning my hair, and I eventually big chopped during the summer of 2016.

Documenting my hair journey started out as a hobby, but I soon realized I had an impact with my content. People were always complimenting my afro and asking for advice and product recommendations. In 2018, I started @curlscoilsandthings to share my journey and inspire others to embrace their curls. In addition to natural hair tutorials, I create short form videos about funny, relatable natural hair experiences. I also create content about my many houseplants and the content creation process.”


Chenise | @globetrottercurls | she/her/hers

“Hi! My name is Chenise of Globetrottercurls! I currently live in Atlanta where I work in communications and I’m a professional NBA dancer for the ATL Hawks!!

Globetrottercurls was created to provide a space to share all of my travel tips and experiences. I also share my natural hair journey and the best ways to maintain healthy hair. I love connecting with like-minded people and assisting people with their travel and hair journeys!”


Jameela | @curltivity | she/her/hers

“Hi, my name is Jameela, the creator of the ‘Curltivity‘ hair influencer page. I never imagined that my life as an influencer would have developed as far as it already has. I started this page for fun during the earlier months in the pandemic but becoming a natural hair guru took me by surprise.

As my audience kept building, I realized that being an influencer is more than the money, the followers, and the likes. Influencers hold value and inspiration for transitioning and freshly big chopped naturals to continue their journey. It gives me a warm feeling to know that I’m someone’s else’s hair goals when many of the other ladies are my goals as well.”


Tamara | @coily_tamara | she/her/hers

“My name is Tamara and I have been natural for 6 years. I’ve learned through trial and error how to  care for my curls. Going natural and doing my big chop is a journey to self love. Loving the skin that I am in and loving all the kinks, coils and curls that grew from my scalp.  

I started my natural hair page @coily_tamara to help others navigate through the ups and downs of their natural hair journey. I also show lots of low manipulation styles which really helped me retain length. Natural hair is not a trend it’s who we are.”


Ariel | @naturally.ari_ | she/her/hers

“Hello, My name is Ariel Valdez-smith you also may know me as “Naturally.Ari_” on Instagram. I’m a Natural hair influencer. I post content weekly to help educate the natural hair community on how to properly take care of the curls and coils! My goal is to help people understand how important our natural hair is and how beautiful we are to be in our natural states.

I started my page around early 2019 when I first started my college journey at The illustrious Florida State University. When I started my page I never thought that I would make the impact I’ve made today, and that’s what keeps me going. Seeing how many people look up to me and content is such a blessing! I hope to keep going because the sky is not the limit it is only the view from where I’m trying to go.”


Kizi | @kiziskorner | she/her/hers

“Hi I’m Kizi, I’m 26 from, Jamaica. I’ve been natural for 3 years and loving every minute of it. I started my page because I loved doing my hair and keeping it healthy and would always get questions from people about what products I use and what style I did.

So I created my IG and YouTube platforms as place that anyone can go to find out that information. I most post content about black owned businesses, and naturals products that are for hair, skin care or just the body in general.”


Oluwatoni | @oluwatoni.adebisi | she/her/hers

“Hi, I am Oluwatoni, the face behind a drop of black. I started my Instagram page as @adropofblack in 2018 as an extension of my hair care blog, to share mini blog posts. I also shared behind the scenes as a blogger and various hair tips and tricks. My posts evolved to include lifestyle and my medical school journey that started in 2020.

After that, I decided to make my page officially a life style page comprising everything I do. This includes my medical school journey, life as a blogger and my hair care mini posts. That is why I changed my page name to oluwatoni.adebisi. I hope you can join me on my journey through life as a natural hair content creator and medical student. Thanks for reading!”

Which creators are you linking so far? Don’t be shy about clicking on a link or two. Give them a follow and if you want to, tell them you found their page through Adropofblack, turn on post notifications and engage with their content, they’ll be sure to reply you.

Stay creative, stay educated

Drop of black

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