The importance of scalp health – Guest post

Amazing hair begins with our scalps, treat them well! For years and long before detailed tutorials on YouTube, posts on Pinterest and the natural hair care movement swayed many of us, I never spent time mulling over my hair care routine, certainly not one for my scalp. I’d worn my hair in the same style … Continue reading The importance of scalp health – Guest post

Clear dark circles easily with these natural remedies.

Dark circles around the eyes are plain annoying, they make you look tired, older and can be so hard to get rid of. They are mostly caused by stress or fatigue but they can also be caused by ageing, eye strain, allergies, dehydration, genetics and even over exposure to sunlight. However, The science behind dark circles is that it is caused by dilated blood vessels below the eyes which cause the skin discoloration. Everybody has probably experienced dark circles at some point in time so I've compiled a list of 6 ways to clear dark circles

Benefits of Honey on the skin

Honey is a staple in every kitchen as well as a lot of skin care products. It contains carbohydrates, proteins and amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and others which give it its characteristic features and make it so great for skin care. Benefits of Honey on the skin It is a skin moisturizer. Due to … Continue reading Benefits of Honey on the skin

All you need to know about hair bands

It's summer time, the best time to let down your hair and use beautiful accessories like hair bands to complete your look and keep your hairstyle in place. This blog post will be about everything you need to know about hair bands, you can read about other hair accessories in my previous post. I partnered … Continue reading All you need to know about hair bands