The secret to natural hair moisture + A FREE GUIDE

Getting your natural hair soft and moisturized is one struggle every natural hair girl deals with. I went through this struggle myself for three years before I finally realized the key to moisturized hair. STEP 1 The first step is finding out your hair porosity. STEP 2 Once you know your hair porosity, I have all the information you need in one guide that you will get for free below.

20 ayurvedic oils for healthy long natural hair

Ayurveda has become quite popular over the past year and it'll only get more known. Ayurvedic oils and treatments have been attributed to longer, fuller and overall healthier hair. I have listed 20 top ayurvedic oils, some of which I have used and gotten awesome results. They are; 1. Fenugreek oil Fenugreek oil is obtained … Continue reading 20 ayurvedic oils for healthy long natural hair