Motivation to keep fit : Side goals

Motivational fitness quotes

This is the last in this series and it is a very important form of motivating yourself. It basically implies setting goals that will be an implication or application of your fitness goal. An example is saying I want to be fit so that I can have better endurance and pick up a sport. I … Continue reading Motivation to keep fit : Side goals

Stretching my hair without heat

African threading

Hey guys! Guess what I did about a week ago, week ago, I did 12 tails African threading edition. For the history of 12 tails read my post on low manipulation styles for exam season. I have formerly written a post on the benefits of African threading that you can check out here but only … Continue reading Stretching my hair without heat

200 followers, anniversaries and give aways!

Stay glam

Hey guys! 200 followers in 11 months for me is both a surprise and a dream come true for me. I didn't imagine that my blog will grow so quickly when I started but I am highly honoured that you all have decided to be a part of my blog community. It warms my heart … Continue reading 200 followers, anniversaries and give aways!