The big chop – Switching to natural hair

Big chop

If you read my previous post you’ll know by now that having natural hair isn’t something to rush into and it can be achieved by either a big chop or transition.

A big chop is basically cutting all the relaxed hair off, the reason for the ‘big’ is because most times after people big chop they are left with a TWA and have to start grooming their hair anew.

The big chop is a very bold thing because unlike the transition, it’s more drastic and instantaneous, no going back after cutting your hair.

A big chop is advised if you know you won’t be patient enough to handle two textures or if you would want to enjoy that TWA stage. I didn’t do a big chop, I didn’t even trim my hair till January 2018. This means I have no idea what a TWA feels like except I let my hair shrink to it’s maximum, I did that in my shrinkage diaries post.

How to big chop

This is really easy, you can do it yourself or better yet get someone to do it for you. All you need is your hair and some sharp scissors, preferably a hair dressers scissors and your hair!

It’s best to do this on wet hair so your natural hair will be in its shrunken state and you can easily determine the point in which it stops and your relaxed hair starts (called line of demarcation).

You should cut your hair about half an inch above the line of demarcation just to be extra sure you don’t start your hair journey with damaged ends.

Pros of the big chop

  1. You don’t get to go through the stress of managing two hair textures.
  2. Your official natural hair journey starts immediately.
  3. You get to rock a TWA.
  4. Short hair will be easy to take care of, you spend less time on your wash days and everything!

Cons of the big chop

  1. You get to rock a TWA (for people that don’t like short hair).
  2. No going back. Even if you decide to relax your hair again you’ll still have to spend years growing it.

After the big chop

Congratulations! You have officially started your natural hair journey. It’s time to figure out your hair type, texture, and get all the ammo you need into growing healthy hair. Learn what your hair loves and how to optimally care for it without stressing yourself or over manipulation.

Do you have stories about your switch to natural hair you will like to share? Contact me!
Stay glam, Stay you.

-Drop of black.

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