How to achieve your hair goals in no time!

Who doesn't have hair goals? How will you like to see significant hair growth in the next 6 months? What of considerably softer hair in the next 2 weeks? How will you like to be one step closer to your hair goal? To finally get the hair status you've always wanted? Keep reading because I'm … Continue reading How to achieve your hair goals in no time!

The ultimate natural hair care regimen

The key to hair care is consistency and balance and a good hair care regimen can help you with both. However, it's one thing to have a hair care regimen and another thing to stick to it. Luckily, I've got you covered on both ends. A regimen is an organized list of hair care processes you'll carry out on your hair and their timeline. It involves the activities to carry out daily up to those you'll carry out yearly. Some processes involved in a hair care regimen include; deep conditioning, shampoo washes, conditioner washes, hair rinses, LOC application, detangling, trimming, e.t.c. Get a free guide to creating a hair care regimen that you can actually stick to below.