Getting acquainted with your hair

Natural hair care after big chop

Hey guys!

If you read my last post then you should know about the big chop and what it involves. If you decided to do one then you’re in luck because this post is dedicated to helping you figure out the next steps after a big chop.

It’s such a drastic change going from relaxed hair to natural hair in a couple of minutes but don’t feel overwhelmed, I gat you.

Know your hair

For you to know how to care for your hair there is an important thing you need to know that will inform how you will care for your hair and that is your hair porosity.

I have a blog post dedicated to hair porosity and you should definitely check that out or get my book on hair moisture and keeping your hair optimally moisturized but if your hair is too short for that or you started with a bald cut don’t worry. I gat you too.

If you are starting with really short hair then I’m sure you’ll want to enhance your hair growth.

Growth stimulation

This can be done by incorporating hair oils or products that stimulate growth, a great example is castor oil but I know nothing in hair is one size fits all so you’ll have to do your own research on oils that suit you. You can check out the list of my hair products and see what oil you can use.

Set up a hair care regimen

You’ll need to set up a hair regimen that works for you and it should contain the following elements;

  • Washing
  • Co-washing
  • Deep condition
  • Moisturizing (LOC, LCO)
  • Scalp massage (optional, it can also be a part of your washing process)

Since you hair isn’t much wash day will be a breeze for you, enjoy it while it lasts.

If you need help setting up a regimen you can check out my current hair regimen for a template or schedule a hair consultation session where we can go in depth about your hair needs and regimen scheduling.

If you’re not the big chop type then subscribe now because I’ll be touching on transitioning in subsequent weeks.

Contact me here for further details on hair consultations or buy my book on optimal hair moisture as moisture is the key to softness and manageable hair.


Thanks for reading this post! You can read the last post here and subscribe so you get to read the next post first!

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Stay glam, Stay you.

-Drop of black.

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