Hey guys!

In this weight loss/ Health journey one thing I have noticed that is very important is consistency; this is also my downfall.

To acheive any real progress, you need to be consistent with a diet, work out plan, detox or whatever you decide to do if not you will have progress for a while then end up undoing your progress

The whole point of this fitness series was having people I would be accountable to and it has served it’s purpose. I try to work out atleast 4 days in a week and although I know I’m not doing my best, I have actually been able to follow through since May and I am proud of myself for that.

How do you deal with consistency issues and how do you get back on track?

Weight loss update

Last waist cm: 76cm

Current waist cm: 75.5cm

Last weight (Kg) : 79.5kg

Current weight (kg): 79kg

I slacked on exercise this week but I have been drinking atleast 2300ml of water daily which is a good thing I guess.

Total cm lost : 0.5 cm

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Stay fit, Stay healthy

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12 thoughts on “Consistency

  1. Hi. GOOD MORNING 😄When did you start this journey and what exactly do you do . I also want to loose wight i skipped for a while but i didnt really notice much progress in my upper body and so i stopped and now im getting even bigger . 

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    1. I started May and I mostly do general body exercises like planks and stuff, I do crunches and lately I incorporated some yoga poses, I’m still trying to figure yoga out but its something I’ve always wanted to do. I drink a lot of water because its detoxifying and all and I’ll also want to do an Apple cidar vinegar detox sometimes next month


    2. To be honest on the scales I’m not really losing much weight because it fluctuates so much but I can feel my clothes getting free that’s how I know there is a difference


    3. Oh and eating smAller sizes. Its so hard to do an actual diet so I eat in smaller sizes and all. When school resumes I’ll invest a lot into fruits so I’ll always have like something to munch on and I’ll feel less hungry overall


  2. I have built up consistency by creating a schedule of things I will do each day I go to the gym. My brain loves routine so when it knows that on Monday and Wednesday I will be attending a weight-lifting class, and on Tuesday and Thursday i will be doing a Spin class, I’m far more motivated to keep going consistently vs if I just say “I’m going to the gym” without actually knowing what I will work on. This helps!

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