Relaxed to natural hair – Making the switch

Relaxed to natural hair

Welcome to my highly requested new series on making the switch from relaxed to natural hair.

It is not news that a lot of curly-haired people are ditching chemically straightened hair to embrace their natural hair texture but a lot of people don’t really know how to go about it. This is the purpose of this series.

Why the switch?

Natural hair will take your time and effort no matter how lazy a natural you are, it is completely different from relaxed hair and every hair is different. You will need to go through the months of finding what works for your hair, setting up a regimen. The bad and ugly so the most important thing before you decide to make the switch is to know why you want to do it.

For me it was because I just didn’t like relaxed and my hair I wanted my hair to be in its natural state. For someone else, it may be in the process of self-discovery. Someone else may be allergic to relaxed and many other reasons but you have to be sure you aren’t doing it for the wrong reason.

If you’re doing it because you want to impress someone or you want to trend or a superficial reason. You will get frustrated and probably quit before your hair starts to blossom.

Making the switch

There is no potion or chemical that can turn your hair from chemically treated to it’s natural state as far as I know so to make the switch you will have grow it out.

Every month your hair grows about half an inch and this means if you decide to not chemically treat your hair today by next year you should have grown about 6 inches of your hair in its natural curly kinky state.

Generally, there are two ways to make the switch and they are the BIG CHOP and TRANSITIONING.

Big chop

The big chop basically involves cutting your hair. Cutting off all the relaxed hair to however low your natural hair is.

Some people decide to shave their heads, some do a crew cut and some grow out their natural hair for a few months then do a low cut. Which ever way you want to do it should depend on you. It’s your hair and not anyone else’s.

A comprehensive post on the big chop will come your way next week (subscribe!). It is the fastest way to make the switch.


A transition is less drastic than a big chop but the more stressful option because you get to take care of two hair types at once.

Transitioning involves abstaining from a relaxer or texturizer, growing out your natural hair without cutting off the relaxed or texturizer ends.

The way to go about this is to grow out the hair while intermittently (once a month or two) cutting off a few inches of relaxed hair till only natural hair is left or growing out your hair till a certain length and cutting off the relaxed or texturizer ends at once.

I will also be posting separate posts about transitioning.

Now what?

Will you be making the switch? If you are thinking about it or you already have; comment below or send me feedback through the contact page.

Subscribe so you don’t miss out on this informative series. If you have stories about your switch you will like to share contact me using the featured post tag.

Stay glam, Stay you.

-Drop of black.

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