Stretching my hair without heat

African threading

Hey guys!

Guess what I did about a week ago, week ago, I did 12 tails African threading edition. For the history of 12 tails read my post on low manipulation styles for exam season.

I have formerly written a post on the benefits of African threading that you can check out here but only got round to doing it now.

Products used


My hair was recently washed so the first thing I had was a clean head then I parted my hair into twelve sections.

I moisturized each section using the LOC method with my spray bottle mix (containing water, KUI leave-in conditioning mist, sunflower oil and eucalyptus oil), amla oil and my shealoe butter then went on to the threading.


I used Brazilian wool taking a couple of strings so it was thick to an extent ad making it as long as I could handle without getting confused.

I placed my hand somewhere down the length of the string so that one half was a little longer than my hair and the other was the rest of the length of the thread.

I took that and placed it at the roots making sure my hand is still on that spot, adding the hair length section to my own hair and begin wrapping the wool around severally till it’s as tight as I want it then I continue wrapping down my hair length making sure to leave no spaces. A mirror is your best friend for this part.

When you get to the ends and your hair is thin, you will have the hair length part of the wool to wrap around till the ends are completely covered. That’s why it should be longer than your actual hair length.

Then you tie the ends with both the hair length woollen thread and the longer woollen thread.

Along the way the thread will mostly probably be exhausted at several times depending on your hair length and the length of the woollen thread but you can add another thread using the same method in the beginning; dividing the thread into the hair length part and the longer part then wrapping. You just won’t need to wrap generally on the same area like you did in the beginning, instead you’ll be continuing down the hair length normally.

Say yes to moisturized hair!

Post – Installation

I left the hair style in for about 4 days and all I needed to do was spray with my spray bottle mix once in a while.



My hair was definitely stretched by the time I took this down but it wasn’t as stretched as I expected because I didn’t get the blown out look. I will blame this on humidity.

My hairs volume was definitely evident though and it felt super nice and soft.

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I hope someone decided to ditch heat and try this headless stretching method today. I would love to know about how it goes and if you have any advice for more stretch, leave it in the comments!

Stay glam, Stay you.

-Drop of black.

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6 thoughts on “Stretching my hair without heat

  1. I definitely thread my hair but I use what we call ‘rubber’ very common here in Southwest Nigeria. My stylist makes it and it comes out nice.
    I’ll probably do a little write up on it. Kudos dear.


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