Motivation to keep fit : Cheat days

If you’re on a diet then cheat days will be excellent motivation for you. Cheat days are days that you will break away from your diet pattern and when not managed properly they can hinder your progress instead of keeping you motivated.

The key to cheat days is for it to not be too often. Another key is using it as a means to reward yourself instead of as a break or resting period. Instead of saying “I’ll get a cheat day once or twiceor thrice (its easy to get carried away) a week,” it’s better to say, “I’ll get a cheat day when I lose 2 kg” so instead of looking forward to a particular day you will be looking forward to achieving a health goal or reaching a milestone.

This way you’re sure you’re not losing sight of your goal because If it takes you two weeks to lose 2kg you wouldn’t want to throw away all that hard work in one cheat day.

A disclaimer though; cheat days are good for maintaining your metabolic rate because during a diet or fast that will tend to slow down (exceot your using other metabolism boosters) so your cheat days shouldn’t be too far apart.)


Weight loss update

Last waist cm: 77cm

Current waist cm:77cm

Last weight (Kg) : 80.1kg

Current weight (kg): 81.1kg

I picked up my exercise this week. I missed about two days and I am not really active since I spend most days at home writing or reading but I’m going to be more consistent. I also got a smaller food plate which makes me eat less at a time.

Total cm lost :0 cm

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2 thoughts on “Motivation to keep fit : Cheat days

  1. Iā€™m on a weight loss journey too. It helps to see you sharing your progress. I just got a tip from a friend on FB eat 1-2 tablespoons of chia seeds and it will suppress your hunger and it has more calcium than milk. Thanks for sharing love šŸ˜˜

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