200 followers, anniversaries and give aways!

Stay glam

Hey guys!

200 followers in 11 months for me is both a surprise and a dream come true for me. I didn’t imagine that my blog will grow so quickly when I started but I am highly honoured that you all have decided to be a part of my blog community. It warms my heart and humbles me when I think of how much love I have received from you guys.

When I started this blog it was only as a means to help people with information but as time goes by, more ideas come into my mind, I realized I can do much more and I decided to turn A drop of black into a trade mark.

This blog will be the centre of gravity for a whole new set of developments and I have organised them for you. If you will be interested in any of them you can comment below or send me an e-mail.


Every body should know of my YouTube channel by now. I started the channel sometimes this year and dedicate it hair and skin care on a budget. It is committed to bringing you hair care and skin care DIYs, tips, tricks and ideas in video form for those who aren’t keen on reading.

Check it out!

Field service

I also decided to take a drop of black to the streets, this summer I would be teaming up with Triple crown college, my seconadry school and I will be teaching the students various DIYs for hair and skin, teaching them about how to care for their hair as well as possibly start up a business some time in the future. I’ll be updating you guys more on this since it’s still in the works for now.


I have written my first book on hair care, “Hair moisture 101” and I plan on writing more books pertaining to hair care, skin care as well as DIY recipes that are cheap and easy to make.

You can get my first book here and you can register to become an affiliate in order to make some money while directing people to my book. Every sale attributed to you gets you a 20% commission. Register here.


This is a wonderful new innovation for my #GlamFam members and any one with style. In collaboration with spread shirt, you get to make a statement every time and any time with our cute shirts, jackets, bags, phone cases, buttons and other merchandise for every member in the family, even the pets. Check out my online store here. You get 15% discount on your purchase for the next 10 days so hurry now!


A drop of black is now officially a community and every subscriber is a member, we are the GlamFam because we are the best version of ourselves. Soon enough, I’ll set up on online forum for all subscribers interested to interact with one another as well as with me on topics pertaining to hair care and fitness.


In the start of my fitness category, I planned for it to last only till August while I was going on my fitness challenge but the great reception it’s received has made me decide to turn it into a permanent fixture and when you think about it, you can’t get healthy hair without a healthy body first. I won’t be launching a merchandise line for that yet because its still under the works but when I do you will be the first to hear!


Fro friends

This segment of my blog was created to highlight naturalistas who are awesome and would like to be out blog ambassadors of the month. Each Fro friend will be interviewed and their blog will be featured on the blog home page for the month. Check out my contact page for more info.

Featured writing

If you’re a blogger and you would love to feature a post on my blog I will be glad to feature you. Features posts will be uploaded separately from my posting schedule so the readers will be getting extra goodness with your blog post. Check out my contact page for more info.

Give aways!

I will be hosting give away hence forth, I’m not sure if how often but every now and then, I will host a give away context through my Instagram page. The first give away will be next month and it will be in commemoration of my A drop of black’s one year anniversary. Follow my Instagram page so you won’t miss out.

I will be following a schedule for uploading because I am going into my final year in university and I wouldn’t want one area of my life to suffer for the other.

Subscribe to my mailing list so you’re kept in the loop, get your merchandise and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Please become a patron if you would love to support me and always always

Stay glam, stay you.

– Drop of black

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