Motivation to keep fit : Side goals

Motivational fitness quotes

This is the last in this series and it is a very important form of motivating yourself. It basically implies setting goals that will be an implication or application of your fitness goal.

An example is saying I want to be fit so that I can have better endurance and pick up a sport.

I used to be involved in a lot of sport and physical activities when I was younger but I lost interest and along the line somewhere I also lost the endurance I had. I couldn’t run long distances without gettibg a stitch and this even discouraged me more especially when I’m not alone.

So when I set a goal to be fit and do more exercises, I am working on improving my endurance and I can decide to apply that by joining a sport in school which will help me maintain my fitness and build even more endurance.

Setting such goals like say deciding that after attaining your weight loss you will train for a 5k run or a marathon will help you get more motivated and kill two birds with one stone because the side goal also is also aimed at keeping you healthy and fit.

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The key to this is for your side goal to be specific and for it to go hand in hand with your health goal. Also let it be realistic, don’t just go for the highest goal, instead start with smaller goals like when I lose 10kg and whatever body goal, I will sign up to help other people lose weight. In this you will be motivated to stay in shape because you can’t be a fitness instructor if you’re not fit.


Weight loss update

Last waist cm: 77cm

Current waist cm: 76cm

Last weight (Kg) : 81.1kg

Current weight (kg): 79.5kg

I picked up my exercise this week. I missed about two days and I am not really active since I spend most days at home writing or reading but I’m going to be more consistent.

Weigh scales aren’t the most consistent things since drinking water could increase your weight by up to 2kg so it’s best to weigh yourself in the mornings before you eat or drink anything, same goes for the waist measurements.

Total cm lost : 1 cm

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Stay fit, Stay healthy

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