All you need to know about hair bands

It’s summer time, the best time to let down your hair and use beautiful accessories like hair bands to complete your look and keep your hairstyle in place.

This blog post will be about everything you need to know about hair bands, you can read about other hair accessories in my previous post.

I partnered with for this post and all the product pictures are theirs.

What are hair bands?

Hair bands are thin strips of material be it fabric or plastic that usually lies fits closely over the top of the head and is used to secure the hair.

Its important especially in windy situations where you don’t want hair flying in your face.

Different styles of hair bands

Click on the images to get directed to the site.

What to look for in hair bands

  • It should be satin lined. If its a fabric hair band make sure of this. The satin will make sire your hair doesn’t get frizzy or dry under the band. So when you take it off your hairstyle is still intact.
  • Buy quality. If you’re a natural on a budget there is no point buying a hairband that won’t last you more than a month. If it loses it’s colour after a wash or loses elasticity then don’t spend your money on it. Check product reviews first.
  • Whatever designs you want to buy should go with your outfit options. Don’t buy an orange hair band when you don’t have any clothes to go with it.

Buy a hair band now

If you are looking to buy a hair band then I’ve got an awesome solution for you, is an online store specialized solely on hair bands.

They have been vouched for by several customers and myself. They are not pricy and last long, they also come in loads of colours and designs which you can view here.

You can get more information through their website, on their instagram page @no1hairband or facebook page No1 hairband.

Follow me on Instagram too because I’ll be posting some pictures with their hairbands and how I style them with my hair.

Which of these hairbands is your favourite?

Stay stylish, stay you.

-Drop of black

*This post is sponsored however all opinions are mine.

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