Fro Friend: Tessie Samaila

Hey guys! This will be the pioneer post on my Fro friend series and I am very excited as I will be featuring people with natural hair who have been doing something right so we can learn from their hair journeys. It will also promote their fields so we can check them out and see … Continue reading Fro Friend: Tessie Samaila


DIY shealoe butter for hair and skin

Hey guys! I uploaded a YouTube video about how I made my first ever shealoe butter. I was really pleased with the results and decided to share it with you guys too. Ingredients Shea butter Aloe Vera gel Jojoba oil Coconut oil Eucalyptus oil Process Put the ingredients one by one into a mixing … Continue reading DIY shealoe butter for hair and skin

My individual crochet Havana twists – NO CORNROWS! NO KNOTTING!

It took me two days to finish this hairstyle because it was my first time trying to crochet myself and I had watched videos on faux locs but got Havana twists and the process may be similar but it wasn't the same. It took me about 30 minutes to figure out the first one and I ended up watching a new YouTube video which explained it although it took me a while to completely get the hang of it.

How to reduce appetite

Hey guys! So there's times when you're trying to be healthy, you don't want to over eat, you don't want to eat junk food but you're just always feeling hungry. How can you help yourself before falling into temptations arms? I will enumerate three natural ways you can reduce your appetite effectively; Drinking water Water … Continue reading How to reduce appetite