6 ways to have healthy hair in school

Healthy natural hair

Hey guys!

School will be resuming soon and it’s time to plan your hair care regimen for school, hair styles and get supplies if you’ve run out.

Generally, you should be able to follow your normal regimen at home but university can get stressful and you may find it hard to keep up especially if you have a pretty long regimen that requires daily activities.

Plan ahead

The first thing to do is plan, you obviously can’t make a detailed plan yet but plan what protective styles you will be doing before hand, if you will be doing weaves, get them now or start saving up, by your attachment for your braids or crochet, buy all your hair produxts too so that doesn’t come up as an extra expense during the semester.

I always do a calender thing where I know I’ll have this protective style through out August then September I’ll let my hair breathe and do different low manipulation styles with my hair and so on.

Simplify your hair regimen

This can be an all time thing but I really advise it, especially if you’ll be working a part time job and won’t have much time. Don’t follow the regimen that requires you to deep condition twice a week or detangle twice a week, you won’t have time and you’ll probably not do it properly which will have a negative impact on your hair.

Instead simplify your regimen, have a day of the week that you’ll dedicate several hours of to your hair, that day you’ll deep condition, wash, detangle and all the works.

  • An example is using Saturday’s. The first Saturday can be for moisturizing, detangling and styling for the coming week.
  • The second Saturday for deep conditioning and co-washing as well as moisturizing, detangling and styling.
  • Third Saturday for moisturizing, detangling and styling.
  • The fourth Saturday for a full shampoo wash day.

All you get to do during the week is spray with mists, moisturize if your hair gets dry or re-style if you feel your hair has gotten rough or scattered.

Stock up on style inspirations

Have a list of hairstyles (pictures) that you will want to do so you constantly try new things and get creative with your hair, you can get a new look every week and enjoy the versatility of your natural hair.

Get a trusted friend or hairdresser

You can’t acheive every style alone, you’re going to need someone to braid your hair or part it neatly for you at some point in time and you can’t leave your hair in the hands of just anybody.

Have a trusted friend or hairdresser that understand that your hair can’t be treated anyhow. Someone who will be patient with your hair when styling so you don’t get breakage due to poor styling methods.

Get protected!

Too much sun can be bad for your hair and in school you’ll spend a lot of time walking under the sun getting to class and all of that so you have to ensure that you protect your hair.

Use products that act as sun screen such as shea butter, wear satin-lined hats or the scarves so your hair doesn’t get full exposure to the harmful rays of the sun all the time.

Stay hydrated and eat healthy

A healthy body equals healthy hair. Keep your body free of toxins, drink enough water ( about 2.5L), eat healthy food and exercise. If your body is healthy your hair will flourish and so will your skin and nails.

The journey of getting acquainted with your natural hair is one I would love to partake in. I offer hair consultations at really cheap rates. Contact me here for further details.

Say yes to moisturized hair!

Which one of these will you be incorporating into your life this coming school year? Let me know in the comments!

Stay glam, Stay you.

-Drop of black.

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