Motivation to keep fit : Accountability partners


One of the most annoying things about setting health goal or wanting to lose weight is when people tell you things like, “But you’re fine like this, why would you want to lose weight?” Or “You can’t do it don’t waste your time,” or they just laugh at you and I have faced all three.

When you set your mind to attain a health goal or fitness goal especially if you’re like me and sensitive, you don’t want to surround yourself with people who will discourage you or laugh.

You need an accountability partner.

Who is your accountability partner?

Your accountability partner is someone who will constantly check on you and make sure you don’t slack, encourage you when you are getting tired and celebrate your little milestones.

He or she doesn’t have to be on a fitness journey with you but they should be someone who cares enough to know why you are setting on your fitness journey, but into it and is ready to be with you from the beginning to the end. It could be a friend, family member or an SO.

For me it’s my SO, he’s not in a fitness journey but he’s a basketball player in school so he is pretty fit and knows all those motivational stuff to say when I start getting frustrated and without his enthusiasm about my fitness journey pisses me off at times it also motivates me because I know that someone is cheering me on and ready to give me tips or things like that when I ask.


How to use an accountability partner to your advantage

You don’t necessarily have to tell them everything like I drank water today and I did five minutes plank or something like that but always keep them posted about where you are and where you want to be.

Have discussions on what techniques you’ve used so far and how you can improve them to get optimum results. When you feel you’re stuck on a particular level and you’re getting frustrated, go to them for motivation.

If they have fitness routines you can join them sometimes, your routines may be different but doing things with your partner and seeing how they go through their routine can give you pointers, you may learn that you have been doing planks the wrong way for example.

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