Am I on track?

Hey guys!

So I have been progressing for the past month on my fitness journey and I have noticed a difference in my belly fat so I thought I was losing some weight but guess what? I have added about 2.9kg!

I did my body measurements yesterday and found this to be my result.

Apparently, I have gained 2 kg which deems me overweight but i have also lost 1.6kg of body fat and that deems me completely normal!

Keeping on mind that muscle weighs more than fat does I can come to the conclusion that I have lost fat mass and gained muscle which is totally awesome because as I said at the beginning I didn’t want to just become few sizes smaller but I wanted to be fit.

In a sense, I am off track since I gained weight instead of losing it on but on the other hand I am right on track since I am losing fat mass and building muscle mass.

I would still love to lose some weight though, does anybody have any advice for me? I would still be doing ACV detox soon down the line and hopefully that will help me lose some KGs alongside cleansing my insides.

This week’s update

Week 4 waist cm: 77.3cm

Current waist cm: 76.6cm

Cm lost this week : 0.7cm

Total cm lost : 3.4 cm

I lost the 0.7 cm and I am half surprised because I didn’t do exercises except sucking my tummy in several times a day for about 2 minutes. My food intake also reduced, it wasn’t intentional but I guess it counts too.

Current weight: 80.9kg


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Stay fit, Stay healthy

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3 thoughts on “Am I on track?

  1. Looks like you’re on track to me, keep up the good work! Just remember, you should be more concentrated on how great you feel and everything else will follow.


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