Fro Friend: Tessie Samaila

Hey guys!

This will be the pioneer post on my Fro friend series and I am very excited as I will be featuring people with natural hair who have been doing something right so we can learn from their hair journeys. It will also promote their fields so we can check them out and see what they are doing and what is awesome about them!

I would be kicking off this Tessie Samaila who is a natural hair girl I met on Instagram and found to be lovely!

What is your name? Tessie Samaila.

How long have you been natural? Since 2016 when I started making my after six years of being on low cut.

What is your hair type? I haven’t done much research on that but I would say 4C.

What is your hair porosity? I haven’t done the test but I think its normal.

Why did you turn natural? There is no special reason, when I started making my hair my mum said don’t relax your hair yet and it has been like that since then.

What is your favorite thing about hair? The fact that it actually makes me prettier.

What is your least favorite thing about hair? Well I will say the stress of having to make it look neat everyday is really time taking and annoying.

What is your hair goal? Moisture, Length or Volume? Well it would be volume and length. Have you seen Ty Bello’s hair? Well, exactly like that.

What three hair products or tools can’t you do without in a week? My hair cream from Chebe hair products, Shea butter and probably a leave on hair conditioner.

What is your go-to hair style? My go to hair would be Didi (french braid), well, just to weave my natural hair.

What part of your hair regimen can’t you do without? That would be oiling and combing.

Would you say you’re obsessed with your hair? Well I would be the least concerned person about my hair. This has been affirmed by my sisters and they know me best.

How do you deal with the urge to compare your hair with others? Telling myself that would the right steps I will get there.

Have you ever been segregated or treated negatively because of your hair? Yes a lot especially in saloons when I go to wash or make my hair there is always this segregation of your hair is natural you have to pay more and am like really so it is a crime to keep a natural hair.

What are your interests? My interest would be to style my hair everyday and people would see it and be like, “Damn, I want to have her hair.”

How can we reach you? You can reach me via Instagram @Tessie_samaila and Snapchat @srezzah

That is it guys! I hope you enjoyed meeting Tessa as much as I did. If you have a beautiful Afro you want to show off or you want to publicize your hair blog or YouTube channel, reach out to me in my contacts page and get featured!

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Stay glam, Stay you.

-Drop of black.

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