200 crunches a day challenge.

Hey guys!

Anybody that has stuck around long enough will know by now that I love to do research a lot when I am interested in something.

So as usual I was doing my research on what helped people with stomach fat and weight loss and I came across this challenge. There were many other challenges like squats and pushups but I don’t plan on doing either of those.

What is the challenge about?

The name pretty much explains the challenge. You get to do 200 an crunches a day for a week, some people extended it to a month, I may do that too but for now I’m not certain.

My thoughts before I started.

Before I started I felt like 200 an crunches will take forever and I would need to space the work out like 100 in the morning and 100 in the evening or something like that.

I thought it would also be very hard impossible to do (my relationship with pushups).

How I went about the challenge

So I did the challenge every day for 7 days which equated 1,400 crunches in a week.

I divided my 200 crunches into 4 types and did;

  • 50 Bent knees crunches (my feet were on the floor)
  • 50 Legs raised crunches (I raised my legs up so my feet were above the floor and I looked like _|- )
  • 50 Bicycle crunches (This was for my sides)
  • 50 Bicycle (This was for my lower abdomen)
  • 60 seconds plank (To round it all up)

Please bear in mind that I made up some of the names of the exercises because I’m not sure of the actual names.

My thoughts during and after the challenge.

The first day was the hardest for me and that took probably less than 8 minutes, other days I worked my way into 6 minutes maximum for the full work out including the plank and I did it all at once so it actually doesn’t take forever like I thought.

I mostly felt the ‘burn’ during the exercise and when ever I tried to flex my abdomen.

Straight arm planks are easier than planks when you’re on your elbows. I did straight arm planks all through and although they are easier they are still hard, It was a struggle to not give up half way and I distracted myself with music or TV till the timer went off.

In general it was actually an easy.ish challenge because it didn’t take too much time or leave me uncomfortable for the whole time.


Did it work?

I should have done a picture comparison, not necessarily to post but so I can be sure but I didn’t do that. I can feel that I have lost some fat though, it’s quite obvious.

While I would like to note that crunches aren’t exercises that help lose fat, they strengthen the core muscles and increase metabolism which can help burn the fat. If you are aimed to lose fat first of all you should start with total body fat workout and cardio which is what I did most of last month.

Week 4 waist cm: 78.4cm

Current waist cm: 77.3cm

I lost the 1.1 cm which is almost half an inch. It may seem little but concerning the face that my waist isn’t necessarily large it’s a nice value for me.

I checked again this morning before eating and it was 76.8cm to I’ll say I’m moving in the right direction, I won’t be counting today’s measurements though.

Total cm lost : 2.7 cm

I think I would do this challenge again for my YouTube channel so stay tuned for that.

Keep in mind

Crunches are avoided by a lot of people because they can cause lower back pain so you should take note before deciding to include the exercise in your routine.

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Stay fit, Stay healthy

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