How to reduce appetite

Hey guys!

So there’s times when you’re trying to be healthy, you don’t want to over eat, you don’t want to eat junk food but you’re just always feeling hungry. How can you help yourself before falling into temptations arms?

I will enumerate three natural ways you can reduce your appetite effectively;

  • Drinking water

Water is a natural appetite depressant and it is recommended to drink about 8 glasses a day. Water can be filling and drinking water before meals will help you eat in less quantities. It can also reduce the feeling of hunger.

  • Don’t skip meals

If you ensure that you eat at a particular time for each meal and you don’t skip a meal, you can control your hunger because you will discipline your body to expect foods at certain times and you will reduce cravings and over eating.


  • Eat spicy foods

Adding pepper to your food has been found to increase the feeling of fullness and reduce appetite due to compounds capsaicin and capsiate found in hot and sweet peppers.

Weight loss update

Week 3 waist cm: 78.8cm

Current waist cm: 78.4cm

I lost the 0.4 cm I gained last week. I’m still going and I normally would not feel motivated anymore by now but I still feel pumped!

Total cm lost : 1.6 cm

This week I did my exercise, kept hydrated and I am not strictly carrying out intermittent fasting but I only eat when I am hungry and eat reasonable sizes.

I will be doing a 200 crunches a day challenge next week! I will keep you posted on my results.

Have you found any ways to reduce your appetite I didnt touch on? Comment below!

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Stay fit, Stay healthy

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