My 2018 hair regimen

Hey guys!

I finally took time out to organise my new hair regimen according to what I think my hair needs. First off, I plan on keeping my hair in protective styles on a one month on, one off basis.

During my one month of letting my hair breath I plan on following this regimen;


  • Spritz my hair with leave-in conditioning mist


  • Oil my edges and roots
  • Put my hair in a protective style


  • Deep condition
  • Detangle hair
  • Moisturize with LCO method


  • Wash hair
  • Hot oil treatment


  • Trim ends

On some months, I’ll do the inversion method of hair massage but it won’t be that often because I tend to be lazy at times. I’ll also wear my hair out sometimes just to show off how big my afro is.

I’m not much of a product junkie, I mostly use my products on wash days and on other days, I stick to water, the oils and leave-in conditioning mist.

The full list of the products I use;

(Links to buy them from jumia included.)

Hopefully this would help me retain my goal length of 3 inches or more whilst keeping my hair really healthy as I hope to have atleast 14 inches of hair length by the end of this year.

Is there anything you think I should add? What’s your hair regimen?

Stay glam! Be healthy!

-Drop of black

13 thoughts on “My 2018 hair regimen

  1. Ahhhhh!! I so need a regimen, I kind of just go with flow but with the LOC method. The products that I use are called Mane’s Choice and I absolute LOVE THEM


  2. My regimen is spritz my hair with a good amount of water and seal with oil and oil my scalp weekly. Bi-weekly I shampoo and deep condition. After that I oil my hair since it’s already wet and I put it in mini braids and wrap my hair up and don’t mess with it until it’s time to wash it. The only time, I un-braid my hair is when I go out. I try to keep my regimen short and simple because I’m a lazy natural lol. I use to do the LCO method but I just found that too heavy for my hair when I add the cream, So I’m just sticking to the L & C part.


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