My box braids

Hey guys! I made scanty box braids yesterday afternoon, my friend helped me and it made my almost two hours of making the hair fun.

Protective hairstyle prep

Two days prior, I had my wash day and thoroughly detangled my hair, I also deep conditioned and moisturized my hair using the LCO method and style my hair so it will be stretched when I’m about to make my hair.

For some reason my hair was dry when I was about to make it, It was hard to comb and I haven’t had that problem in a while so hence forth I’ll go back to using LOC method to avoid such situations.


I made big scanty braids and we first separated my hair into the sections, it was 36 sections but it still felt like a hundred because my hair is quite long. Before making each braid I applied a little bit of my tea tree and cinnamon moisturizing hair cream which made the hair a lot softer to handle. When she was done, she did the hot water treatment and I was good to go.

My protective style care regimen

Thanks to the fullness of my hair, it will get rough really fast so I plan on keeping the hair in for two weeks maximum. During this period I plan to;

  • Apply castor oil on my edges so they don’t get unruly fast.
  • Spray my hair daily with my leave in conditioning mist.
  • Pack my hair up in a high bun to sleep and wrap with a satin scarf. (I’ll try my best not to forget about the satin scarf, I mostly do.)

When last did you make box braids?

Stay peng, have fun

-Drop of black

15 thoughts on “My box braids

      1. I’m a hairstylist but I’m tender headed. Even if I don’t use too much tension I feel it. That’s why I don’t do to many protective styles


  1. You go girl!
    I did box braids at the end of last year up till 3 weeks into this year. At first I regretted it because I remembered how painful doing braids is (more so because my heart is full and I did medium sized braids), and I’d wake up in the morning with an aching scalp and discomfort. I haven’t done braids since June 2016. But I found that I wasn’t taking care of my hair except for applying black castor oil to my edges. When I took it out, my scalp was very dirty and dry. Maybe next time I’ll take your advice and moisturize regularly and clean my scalp once in a while! 😘


  2. I just put box braids in my hair , I do the same regimen. I spray water on my hair and oil my edges and scalp, put it in a pony tail, and put my bonnet on and call it a day lol


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