I’m 18!

Hey guys!

I’m so excited because today is my birthday! I had so much fun and im so grateful for my friends. At first I was greeted around 12 by some friends who came to my room and they gave me a joint card signed by a lot of other friends. I was so touched.

Then I got phone calls and messages from my families and friends and I was really happy because everybody remembered me and called despite the need for sleep. My dad’s voice was so drowsy on the phone, lol!

When the day dawned I went to church (school rules) and it was a quite nice sermon, my day couldn’t go better, I was with people that mattered to me and happy. After the service, I took pictures with my friends and they sang for me then we ended up doing covers of loads of songs then dancing too before we decided to go for lunch.

After lunch I spent sometime just talking and chillling before going to sleep only to get woken up by a call from my mum, my mum and siblings came to see me (my dad wasn’t in Lagos), I got a really beautiful card and cake and food to share to my friends.

I went for evening church after that, it was a praise night kind of thing and I really had fun singing and praising God with my SO, it was much more fun praising God together than alone. When the service ended I shared my stuff to my friends then went in early because I need my beauty sleep since apparently I’m having a photoshoot kind of thing tomorrow. I can’t wait!

Today is like my best birthday ever so far and I am so happy I’m blessed with wonderful friends.

When is your birthday? How did you celebrate your last birthday?

Stay glam!

-Drop of black

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