ECO Styled gel is cancelled?

Harmful chemicals in hair products

Hey guys!

So it’s been going round on YouTube and Twitter that ECO Styler gel is cancelled, I honestly decided not to watch the video though YouTube recommended it and I probably wouldn’t have paid attention if halfricanbeaute, my no. 1 hair YouTuber didn’t make a video on it.

So I watched her video in which she reacted to several videos from Bri Hall, OnlyoneJess (another YouTuber I love) and Kimberly Cherrell before giving her own take.

Bri Hall’s video was basically telling the viewers about a side effect she noticed which made her search YouTube for an ingredients video and ended up with her reaction to an ingredients video by Alopeciafreewithjass who already cancelled ECO Styler gel since last year may and the other two were basically reactions to Bri Hall’s video.

What I got from these videos were that the chemicals in the gel can cause cancer, clinical depression, migraines, scalp irritation as well as eye irritation amongst others.

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11 thoughts on “ECO Styled gel is cancelled?

    1. Lol. I was freaking out too. Honestly there are people who are exposed to these things a long time and all and it doesn’t affect them but I’m not sure I want to take any chances. I saw Camille rose aloe Vera whipped gel and mielle organics honey and ginger to not have any of those so I think I’ll try them next if they’ll have the type of hold I want


      1. Please do a review once you’re done. These are the things that naturalistas all over the world need to know. Our health is really all we have

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  1. A very good article. I was also very concerned when I really looked into what is going into theses products especially those at Afro typed hair and have been typing a similar but shorter article on the same thing. I’m definitely cancelling Eco Style Gel.


  2. Here in South Africa everyone has been waiting for ECO to drop and once it did people have been jumping on the bandwagon. I went natural 5 years ago before the Natural Hair movement came along and because of that I don’t jump onto every new natural hair product/range that drops.

    Thank you for your post. It’s nice to know that there are like minded Naturals out there that care about the ingredients in their products as much as their defined twist outs.


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