How much is too much? Detangling

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So I’ll be starting a series I call it my ‘How much?’ Series and it’ll basically just help in demarcation between normal and too much because too much of everything is bad especially for our hair. In this post, I’ll focus on detangling as it is a very important aspect of health care.

Detangling is basically the removal of tangles from the hair, as we all know natural African hair is very prone to tangles because of it’s coils and curls so detangling is not only important but also stressful.

Why to detangle

  • Remove or prevent tangling : This is a no brainer as that’s what the name entails, Detangling your hair removes tangles and separates matted hair. It also prevents further tangling of hair.
  • Removes shed hair : Hair sheds daily and when shed hair accumulates it can cause tangles and its removal is important as it can interfere with your actual hair and cause breakage.
  • Hair length retention : Because tangles from hair is being removed regularly, it doesn’t knot up and cause breakage which means that the length you attain will be retained and your hair will be longer.
  • Easier handling of hair : Properly detangled hair is much easier to handle, it can be easily manipulated to make beautiful hairstyles.
  • Helps conserve products : Since hair is detangled, less product is required to get it into your desired look and this helps to save money.

I will not go into how to detangle because I have a blog post about that already, check it out here if you’re interested.

When you detangle too often

Detangling your often hair is important as you already know by now but what happens when you do it too often?

First off, I agree your hair will be easy to handle but you might also be sabotaging your hair growth;

  • You may be causing more hair than normal do be shed :

Irrespective of how you detangle your hair, be it using a comb, brush or your hands, if you detangle too often you will be ripping out hair strands. It happens normally when you detangle so if you detangle more often more hair gets shed than normal and too much may cause hair to thin.

For example if you detangle weekly and plus a normal value of 70 shed hair you unknowingly rip out 5 strands, that makes it 75. Now if you detangle daily and normal shed hair at 10 strands and rip our 5 strands that makes making the normal value 70 plus ripped strands at 35 making 105 strands, as you can see, its higher than normal.

  • More product is used :

To properly detangle your hair, you’ll need a conditioner or oil for slip and constantly detangling means you use more than you would if you detangled less; this means you spend more money.

  • Mechanical damage :

Combing your hair too often may cause split ends.

Natural hair was made to be coily, it will always coil up on itself and it shouldn’t be seen as a reason to comb everytime, its normal.

How often should you detangle?

Hair detangling just like every other part of hair depends on you finding what works for you as everyone’s hair differs but on a general scale, I advise that you finger detangle lightly once a week then at the end of each month thoroughly detangle.

With this, the tangles don’t have time to form knots, shed hair can be removed and products are conserved, I actually detangle twice a month when I’m co-washing or on wash day.

I strongly discourage combing your hair everyday, once a week is good enough depending on what you want.

I hope this post was helpful, If you will like to point out any thing I left out or make a request, please comment below.

Have a great day!

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10 thoughts on “How much is too much? Detangling

  1. I love the new series its going to be fun to see your subject matter. I agree 100% about detangling stressful but necessary in moderation. Tfs xoxo


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