Detangling your hair

Shrunken afro

Hey guys!

You all know about my shrinkage challenge that I did last week or the week before that. It was fun and all and I rocked a TWA for like a day but when I was to detangle my hair it wasn’t as rosy.

My hair was quite moisturized as I always sprayed it with water and my leave in conditioner mist so maybe it could have been a more painstaking process but I feel it was something even with the moisture.

There are two major ways to detangle hair;

  • Detangling with a comb
  • Finger detangling

For detangling with a comb, it is highly recommended that you use a wide tooth comb to reduce snag and breakage.

Finger detangling involves separating the hair clumps, unknotting tangles individually and finger combing, it can be a very time consuming process but its the best in terms of breakage and snag prevention, It can also be combined with using the comb but in my process I only used finger detangling.

The detangling process.

The first thing I did was saturate my hair with water, then I applied oil and leave in conditioner to my hair so that it was slippery, having the strands slippery will help the hair glide against eachother and is also a way to prevent breakage.

Then I pulled the hair out from it’s shrunken state till I could easily divide it into sections, I had about eight sections. Then section by section I started detangling then I’ll end the process with making the section into a twist.

When I was done with each section I parted my hair into two and packed it into side buns.


  • You can make as many sections as your hair length permits.
  • If after finger detangling you’re not satisfied use a comb. Wide tooth only please.
  • Ensure your hair is well saturated so it doesn’t break but it doesn’t need to be dropping with water.
  • You can get a friend to help you for centre sections.

How do you detangle your hair?

Stay true, Be you

– Drop of black

3 thoughts on “Detangling your hair

  1. I used to use a wide tooth comb more when it was shorter, but I realized with my tight curl pattern and length, I need closer bristles. So now I use a Denman brush, and I’ve found that works a whole lot better for me! I wet my hair, apply conditioner as a leave in, then apply my favorite oil to seal in the moisture, then style!


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