Mini twists

Hey guys!

Lately I have seen a couple of people rocking mini twists and I’ve wanted to do this for a while but I’ve been lazy, my hair is quite much so going to a salon will warrant requests for ludicrous amounts which I can’t afford to pay and I feel bad saddling my friends with such responsibility. I finally ended up doing my mini twists on the 4th of March, I properly conditioned my hair from my wash and go to remove any gel residue, detangled then decided to twist up.


Mini twists are just like any other two strand twists except they are smaller in size making it a more time consuming process. They are very versatile as they can be styled in many ways but they can cause tangling and single strand knots if not properly taken care of.

Mini twists are very nice ways to take care of your hair and promote length retention, they can be made on either wet or dry hair, this actually has an effect on the final result and completely depends on you, you also determine how mini you want your mini twists keep in mind that twists that are too tiny can cause knotting.


I did my twists on wet hair; after conditioning, I went ahead with my cream and oil on my now damp hair and started off parting my hair into sections. I sectioned my hair into lines starting from the nape to the crown.

With each peice of hair to be twisted, I applied jojoba oil on my hands helping in the slip as well as adding extra shine to the hair and twisted the piece. Keeping in mind that my hair is quite long and really full this was a painstaking process, I was reading on my phone as well so it took me about 4 hours and I still wasn’t done, I got tired and went to sleep then continued the next morning applying water to my hair with the spray bottle then carrying on with my jojoba oiled fingers .

When I was done, I rubbed the remaining oil all over the hair then I was ready to go.


  • Don’t do this style except you have time on your hands as it can take quite a while.
  • Rubbing oil on your fingers helps with slip and adds shine to the hair which is a good thing.
  • For someone like me who the front of your hair (no matter how much you try) will never look neat please get a scarf or alice band to place on top of the edges.
  • Don’t forget to detangle each piece of hair with your fingers before twisting.
  • If you will like to know how to twist check out my blog post on twisting hair.
  • For information on how to care for protective styles, check out this blog post.

I’m enjoying my twists, have you ever done mini twists before? How long did it take you? Stay true, be you

-Drop of black

10 thoughts on “Mini twists

  1. Takes me about 12 hours to do all of mine including about an hours break after each section of hair (I section it into about 6 parts and then tie into “buns”)
    Takes up an entire day also because I start with a mini wash


    PS I don’t know about calling mine mini-twist I think mine’s a full twist ๐Ÿ˜‚ too bad can’t post pic to comments


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