How much is too much? Manipulation

Black woman

Hey guys!

Welcome to part two of my how much series! Today I’ll be writing on Manipulation which is an unavoidable part of natural hair or any hair for that matter.

Manipulation of hair means basically styling / combing / washing or anything that has to do with hair not being in one state. Like braiding your hair or twisting or packing it in a particular way.

It’s quite obvious that manipulation is necessary, you need to detangle your hair, you need to style it, you need to wash but it can be too much that’s why over manipulation is a thing.


Over manipulation is self explanatory, it entails you manipulating your hair too often or too much. When you over-manipulate your hair, it results in;

  • Breakage : If your hair starts cutting then you should know something is making your strands weaker; this may just be too much manipulation.
  • Dryness : Believe it or not washing your hair too much can cause dryness.
  • Build up : Applying of oil or products too often can cause build up which may block pores.

How often should you manipulate your hair?

As I said in the last post, determining something like this depends on what works for your hair but on a general scale these tips can be applied;

  • If your hair is out in an afro or something you dont have to detangle every day and don’t spend the while day with your hands in your hair, no fiddling with hair strands or constant fussing.
  • If your hair is in twists or braids you don’t have to apply new products when refreshing your twists, if it’s still moisturized just spritz water and do your thing.
  • Don’t wash your hair too often.
  • Don’t re-twist or refresh your hairstyle unnecessarily, if it’s still nice and neat why stress your hair? Just lay your edges and you’re good to go.
  • Low manipulation styles should be your friends.
  • Cover your hair, if it’s covered you can’t touch it.

If I’ve left anything out please comment, I hope I’ve been able to help someone.

Stay glam, stay true.

-Drop of black

9 thoughts on “How much is too much? Manipulation

  1. This post is helpful but the problems I have with my hair is, my back hair is shorter than the front, my hair keeps breaking unnecessarily this has lasted for long now, I have reduced the amount of times I add products…. nothing seems like it’s changing


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