How to start your own beauty blog | #BloggingBeauty

Do you have interest in writing? Have you ever considered starting a beauty blog? I know it may seem daunting at first but no need to worry. In this next few blogging beauty posts, we will be covering the basics of starting up a blog (its beneficial even if you’re not niching in beauty).

First things first

According to Matisse Enzer, ‘A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The activity of updating a blog is “blogging” and someone who keeps a blog is a “blogger.” Blogs are typically updated daily using software that allows people with little or no technical background to update and maintain the blog. Postings on a blog are almost always arranged in cronological order with the most recent additions featured most prominantly.’

It is a way to document personal stories, advice, news or just random gossip. The key to a successful blog is writing quality content you are actually interested in that people can relate to and having a good hosting software. I have used Bluehost for the past 2 years and it is been the best investment I have made for my blog so far.

1. What will your blog be about?

The absolute first step in starting a blog is deciding what you want your blog to be about, this part is called finding a niche. A niche can be anything you want it to be, ranging from lifestyle, beauty, politics, technology, automobile to very specialized niches like vintage cars, black skin care and so on.

In finding a niche, the key is to find balance between what you are currently interested in, what you think you’ll still be interested in few years down the line and what you think you can make money of. There is no point writing multiple pages of paragraph for a for-profit blog if you can’t find a way to create services based on the type of information you create and all you have to do is rely on not so stable ads.

For me, I was going on the journey to healthier, longer natural hair and I realized that the natural hair community was in need of quality information. Also that I could offer consultations or webinars or courses and people will patronize so I decided to niche on natural hair care.

How to start a blog
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2. Getting a domain

Once you have settled your niche or at least narrowed it down to two or three fields, the next step is to think of a blog name. This is dependent on what angle you want your blog to take; you can make it something related to your name or something more abstract. A blog that will be centred on your personal experiences can easily be named after you. But if its something less personal or you can see yourself getting co-writers or turning it into a business in the future, its best to go with more abstract names that are catchy or related closely to your niche.

The safe spot with naming your blog will be to find an easy to spell, short or medium length name that hasn’t been taken (or is really similar to a popular site name) and is really catchy or popularly searched in your niche. An example is a beauty blog titled “what is beauty?” or “beauty box”.

3. Get Hosting

Now that your domain name is settled, make sure its not claimed by any other person. The next step to start your beauty blog is to actually register the domain on a web host. I use Bluehost so I can vouch for great service and value for your money. If you want there are many other hosting software you can try out.

From on the Bluehost home page, click on the get started button and you will be led to the page below. Select basic except you are planning to create more than one site.

Bluehost domain

Then it will take you to the page below and you will type in your domain name and click next.


If your domain is available, you are directed to a new page where you fill out your account details like address and other useful personal information. You can select the plan you are interested in and what features you want to have then fill in your payment information.

Set up a blog

In case you are not sure about some features you want, you can save the page and do some research then come back to complete your purchase! Isn’t that just helpful?

Once you are done with all of that, you are now a proud website owner! You will be redirected to your dashboard and we can get the whole blogging thing going.

How to set up a blog

4. Personalizing your beauty blog

This involves installing WordPress on your blog and getting what you want your blog to look like all set up.

WordPress is a content management system that will organize your post, blog look and fonts, help you create the look for your blog you always dreamed about. Here you can get someone to help with the site designing or be like me and select a nice theme and adjust is to fit your taste. There is no right way.

Setting up a blog

My dashboard looks like this but for a new blogger, it should be a lot bare. That is fine though because its only a matter of time till your blog is blooming into that awesome picture you had in mind.

Play with the settings a little bit and figure out your way around them, even if someone is helping you design your site, you still need to know your way right? Bluehost is pretty straight forward when it comes to setting so you can be sure not to feel lost if you decide to try it out here.

5. create quality posts

Now your blog is looking good, whether its just how you pictured it or its still a work in progress, the next step is to create those quality posts you set up the blog for in the first place.

Creating a blog post is a whole nother post but I’ll talk about it a little here. There is no right way to write a post but there are wrong ways to do it, some include writing in poor grammar, writing too short posts, 300 words below may not look to good to a reader.

All in all do what makes you feel good, do not rush a post (make sure to review it), add good pictures and write in good clear English. Try to be as helpful as possible and don’t add unnecessary details, first time viewers can get annoyed and decide not to visit your site again.

6. Get yourself out there

I will be writing a separate post on how to get traffic but don’t just write posts and expect miracle readers, get your posts out there. Set up a pinterest, facebook or Instagram page associated with your blog and post regularly. Use SEO optimization so you can get noticed by google. Share your posts to friends and family that may be interested.

Start an email list!

Don’t expect steady readers at first, find people that are interested in your content and make them steady readers by being consistent.

how to start a beauty blog

Extra tips for starting a beauty blog

  • Write posts you wish to read.
  • Create quality pictures for each post.
  • Use nice, welcoming colours in your theme. You don’t want a dull looking blog.
  • Don’t underestimate the value you have to offer to the world.
  • Keep writing. Practice makes perfect.
  • Use Bluehost for seamless website hosting

Hopefully you have learnt something new. Be sure to drop a comment on what helped you the most or what you feel I missed out. If you have any questions, don’t be shy to reach out too.

Go start that beauty blog. You’ll do great!

Stay beautiful, Stay hardworking.

– Drop of black

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