From tender irritated scalp to healthy scalp in 1 month

Sometime in April, during my last days as an Anatomy student, I had to defend my research project. My hairstyle was a sleek ponytail with kinky hair extensions and I used a cheap gel whose name I don’t remember.

The gel was excellent (or so I thought) it had such a nice sleek hold and it didn’t flake for the few days I had it on, I was going to wear it for a week seeing as my hair style had good results but after 3 days my scalp got really irritated that I had to schedule an impromptu wash day to get rid of every trace of the gel.

I wish I can say that the scalp tenderness left after that but it didn’t, the irritation reduced a bit but at the slightest tug or manipulation my scalp hurt so much that I just left my hair in an afro for the week that followed before I decided to do something about my scalp.

My scalp health treatment consisted of scalp massages with my oil mix and with natural anti-inflammatory products. I also minimized hair manipulation as much as I could and in a few weeks, my scalp was healthy again and my hair felt a lot more moisturized after the same hair moisturizing techniques I used before.

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What a scalp care routine did for me

If you have read the blog post by Alyson on the Importance of scalp health you will know that having the right scalp care routine integrated into your hair care regimen helps hair growth as well as health.

For me, setting up a proper scalp care routine soothed my irritated scalp, it boosted my hair health and made my subsequent hairstyling processes painless.

I also noticed that my hair feels a lot more voluminous now than it was those few months ago. My edges are significantly longer and my hair looks shinier than before. All of thus resulted from introducing a good scalp care routine into my hair regimen.

If you will like more information on what my exact scalp care routine was, I have covered this topic extensively in a blog post accessible to premium readers. You can check it out here if you are already one or become a member here.

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Would you like to get out of your current hair length plateau? A scalp care routine is exactly what you need.

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