How to get shiny natural hair.

Shiny natural hair is one of the tell tale signs of healthy hair and it is aesthetically pleasing too. As a natural one of the valid goals to work towards asides the very popular length is a natural sheen. In fact your hair may be long but unhealthy but unhealthy hair can’t have a natural lustre to it and that is certain.

Today I have highlighted 4 ways to get naturally shiny hair, these are things you can never go wrong with. Most of them are really easy things that you probably overlooked.

1. Deep condition regularly

Note, I said regularly and not frequently.

Deep conditioning is a great way to get your hair moisture and protein levels to stay optimal. Doing the right type of deep conditions to soothe your hair needs will make sure to get your hair to an healthy state and keep it there. This will make your hair soft, help you retain growth and give you that shiny natural hair look you have always wanted.

Protein treatments are best done once a month or a little more often depending on you hair needs while moisture treatments can be done as often as once a week. It is important to be careful about how often you do deep conditions and how long you leave them in.

Find out for information about how much deep conditioning is too much here.

Honey hair masks for natural hair

2. Get a healthy lifestyle

Eating healthy, drinking water, regular exercise. Those things are so cliché but they are the truth. Your body health has a direct impact to the health of your hair, skin, nails and life in general. If you have been taking it for granted, now is the perfect time to start up a new self care regimen.

If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?

3. Scalp massages for shiny hair

Lets do the math.

Healthy hair equals shiny hair. Healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp. Therefore, shiny hair means you scalp care game must be on point. For your scalp care game to be on point, that means you wash your scalp properly and you also stimulate it by doing regular scalp massages.

Doing weekly scalp massages will stimulate blood flow to the area, this means, your scalp gets the nutrients it needs and you hair grows out better, stronger and a lot shinier.

Find out more about the importance of scalp health here.

4. Moisturize your hair properly

This is where it all goes down, healthy hair is moisturized hair and moisturized hair is shiny hair.

Do you LOC or LCO your hair the right way and with the right products? If your answer is no then we have come down to the very heart of why your hair looks dull. Using the right LOC products on your hair, you can get that natural shine that comes with healthy hair in no time.

Learn more about natural hair moisture here.

How to keep low porosity hair moisturized

African herbs for hair growth

In short, a healthy hair and life regimen is the key to shiny natural hair. What changes will you be making to ensure overall health for yourself and hair?

Are you ready to achieve your hair goals?

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  • A group Pinterest board.
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You can also watch any of my previous webinars on YouTube. They will give you a feel of what kind of solid information will be coming your way every week.

Stay healthy, Stay shiny

– Drop of black

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