How much is too much? – Moisture

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So I’ll be focused on moisture in this series. Now moisture is basically water but in this post moisture will be centred on conditioning and deep conditioning.


In this light I mean a pre-poo; A pre-poo is a treatment done with a conditioner, hair mask or oils ao as to prevent stripping of the hair completely during shampoo-ing. This means basically to get the conditioner or hair mask in tbe hair strands so that when you shampoo the strand will not be left completely dry as the pre-poo will form a protective barrier.

This is advised to be done regardless of whether the shampoo is moisturizing or not. The question however is how long should a pre-poo be left in? Some about 30 minutes to an hour and some do it over night.

Pre-poo should be left in depending on your hair porosity. For normal and high porosity you don’t need to leave it in for more than an hour and you don’t need extra heat. For low porosity hair though, if you are using heat then you don’t need it in over night if not over night may do the trick for you.

Even so, overnight conditioning shouldn’t be done all the time, if you condition your hair like four times or three times a month, only once should you condition over night. Try to space the overnight conditioning days as much as possible, maybe once in a month or six weeks.

Some hair conditioners I’ve used;

Deep conditioning

Deep conditioning happens right after your shampoo and it’s aim is to restore moisture and to strengthen your hair strands. There are two types which are the moisture and protein deep conditioners.

Deep conditioners are left in for 30 minutes maximum and heat should be added if you have low porosity hair.

Most of my deep conditioners are DIY but some good ones that may work for your hair are;

Too much?

Conditioning or pre-pooing your hair should be done with every wash day while deep conditioning depends on what works for you. It is generally done once a week or once in two weeks to help strengthen and moisturize the hair. I do mind once in two weeks incorporating one into my wasg day and the otger into a Co-wash.

Figuring out how often you deep condition depends on how dry or brittle your hair feels, I used to deep condition once a week till i noticed that at the end of the week my hair was still soft and moisturized and not really in need of a deep condition, its important to pay attention to these signs as too much deep conditioning has its repercussion.

This repercussion is called hygral fatigue. Hygral fatigue occurs due to over swelling of the hair cuticle and as water comes in which occurs during conditioning or deep conditioning and excessive shrinking as it dries, it leads to unelastic and brittle hair and in the long run breakage.

I will dedicate a full blog post to this but its general causes are perpetual overnight conditioning and deep conditioning longrr than recommended time.

How often do you deep condition your hair?

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11 thoughts on “How much is too much? – Moisture

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, sis! I deep condition once a week with a steam treatment. I love the Creme of Nature Intensive Conditioning Treatment. It’s so nourishing and makes my curls pop!


  2. I deep condition after each wash and I usually do so for more than 30 minutes because my hair has been extra dry lately. Nice post!


  3. I put coconut oil on my hair before I wash it about once a month. I use a store plastic bag to cover my hair while I clean/cook. I normally leave it on for about 2-3 hours.


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