Fitness friday?

Hey guys!

This is the first of my Friday fitness series. This will be on from May till August and it will feature post about health, maintaining a healthy weight, losing weight the right way as well as my weekly updates.

Last time I checked my BMI it showed me to be on the brink of overweight and its cool, at least I’m healthy weight but I decided I’ll feel more comfortable if I was in the middle of the normal weight scale (i.e with a BMI of 21.5) and decided to push it to 20 which means I have to lose 13kg at the end of my four months.

Now saying that I want to lose weight has kind of been my anthem since 2015 and asides the time I actually consciously lost weight in 2016 summer I haven’t gotten round to it. I always lost motivation with thoughts like “well, I’m still healthy” and what not and giving up after a month when I got tired hence my new strategy.

My new strategy

My new strategy is simply to blog about it, knowing that I have a post that I should publish on Friday and people who I am accountable to will help me to not give up when I want to.

What I plan to achieve.

I plan on achieving a healthy BMI of 20.

What I don’t want

I don’t want to be thin, I love having thick thighs and I don’t want to lose that to get a thigh gap or something like that. I have a big bone structure and I’m quite tall, I already have pronounced collar bones and cheek bones and all that stuff and I don’t want it sticking and all leaving me looking like I’m hungry or sick.

I don’t want to end up going about my weight loss the unhealthy way like starving myself or working myself to death because I want to lose extra fat. I want this process to be a healthy one that will cleanse my insides and leave me with my awesome melanin glow and healthy skin, hair and nails.

How I plan to embark on this journey

I may not use all these three at the same time but I’ll tell you the ones I used in each update for that week (I wont be alternating weekly though, consistency is key)

My weekly updates

My weekly updates won’t just contain how much I lost that week but it will be centered on a topic pertaining to health with my weight loss challenge update towards the end. I currently don’t have a weight scale yet ( Donations are accepted!) so I’ll use the diameter around my waist, I’ll compare them weekly.

Does anybody else want to lose some weight or attain a certain health goal? Hit me up in the comments, any advice is welcome too.

Stay healthy, Stay glam

Drop of black

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