Hair bucket list

Hey guys!

I am a very careful natural, mostly because I overthink a lot and also because I want my hair to reach a certain level of health and length when it can take some manipulation without breakage or damage.

I compiled a list of things I’ve always wanted to do with my hair but haven’t tried for various reasons. I may not do all of them but it’ll be fun anyways.

  • Get highlights – Thanks to Jeannie Mai, I’ve always wanted to get dark blur highlights, I just loved the look on her so much and how it blends with the hair till light hits it and you’re like ‘whaaaat?’ I just love this so much.
  • Straighten my hair- The last time I straightened my hair was on my secondary school prom night and it didn’t straighten, it stayed fluffy and full and I plan on straightening my hair again sometimes this year towards the end when I’ll have achieved most of my health and length goals for the year.

  • Do a wash and go – I have seen a lot of wash and go’s on YouTube but never tried one myself, research from a lot of people has said it causes single strand knots and tangles and stuff but I still want to give it a chance, I’ll do that next week most probably, I’ll be sure to post about that here.
  • Go bald – I know it’s crazy, a lot of my friends have told me not to try it but I will go bald, obviously not now, I’m still enjoying my hair journey but at some point later in my life I’ll go bald and start again, I think it’ll be a huge step sure but it’ll be fun and I’ll get to know how baldness feels.

  • Donate my hair – Well this comes after going bald I guess, I’ll donate my hair to a charity foundation or something (if they’ll accept it)

That’s all I have so far, Do you have any other ideas I can try? Please I don’t want something that’ll ruin my curl pattern, something safe.

Stay glam, stay true to you.

-Drop of black.

12 thoughts on “Hair bucket list

  1. Straightening my hair is on my bucket list too. but I’m soooo scared to do it lol because the last time I straighten my hair I got majorrrrrr heat damage and that’s when I had did my big chop. Since then, I have never went near a straightener. I would like to see how long my hair has got since I big chopped in April 2017.


    1. I was going to straighten my hair later this year but I’m pushing it next year maybe towards February. I am intentional about not wanting to straighten my hair for graduation though. Maybe I’ll do it February.

      I’m really scared of heat damage though

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