My first ever wash and go

Hey guys! So I had a dinner to attend on the 1st of March and decided then to do my wash and go, I did a wash and go puff because I wasn’t sure of my results, it turned out beautiful but I went ahead with my sleek high puff because I wanted a sophisticated look for my dinner. It was a fun process as my friend helped me through out the whole process, I basically just sat down. Like any other first, I made some mistakes but it was a beautiful experience. PRE WASH AND GO The dinner was on Thursday evening but I had classes in the morning so I did my hair Wednesday evening. The day before that though I co-washed my hair because I had just loosened it from my scanty braids a few days ago, after co-washing I applied my KUI moisturizing cream and coconut oil then plaited my hair into two in preparation for the next day. THE PROCESS

Detangle :

I had detangle my hair the day before so I just parted my hair into four sections and further sectioned these sections detangling as I went.

Wet :

With each further section, I with the use of my spray bottle saturated the hair with water, not so it’s dripping but just enough.

Application :

After saturating each section with water I applied the gel making sure to apply on the root since I wanted a sleek high puff and used a brush to separate the strands.

Shake :

After the process of applying the gel on my hair sections, I took a shirt put it on my face then shook my hair, in a way it got rid of the extra gel weighing down my hair but what it did was help my strands get more defined, I got this trick from roothie patootie on YouTube and it worked beautifully for me. As you can see the back and sides shrunk up more than the front, it’s probably because my front hair has a different curl pattern than the other 4c hair or it just wants to piss me off, please what curl pattern do you think my front hair is? I really don’t understand it right now and that’s how it’s always been, I thought it was because of my relaxed ends but now I’ve trimmed I know that’s not it, God help my hair. There’s no specific time to shake for, shake till you’re satisfied with the curl definition, I didn’t shake for up to five minutes. You also have to be careful not to give yourself a headache while carrying out this step, That’s why I did only five minutes because I already had a headache prior to this time and I couldn’t afford to aggravate it.

Style :

When I was done shaking and I was satisfied with my results I styled my hair with a brush, the type of brush for this process is a soft brush like those used for shoes but I didn’t have one of those so I had to make do with my detangling brush and it did have an effect on the final result as it wasnt as sleek as I would have wanted. It still looked awesome anyways, I wrapped a silk scarf round the swept down part so it doesn’t scatter and after a while I went to sleep because it was getting pretty late. It took me about and hour for this whole process.

THE DAY AFTER The day after my curls were popping and I was so excited, I got a lot of positive comments from people and I was happy, It came out a lot better than I expected and the shrinkage wasn’t as bad either. I didn’t use a drier so my hair was still little wet in the middle but I didn’t mind.

It seemed like the drier it got the more my curls were popping but then also I noticed some white stuff, not the usual white residue as that dried but my hair stsrted producing flakes making it look dirty. Thankfully the flakes didn’t show up fully till Friday morning when the hair was fully dried so I enjoyed my dinner with awesome hair. The flakes got worse in the afternoon and I just had to wash out the gel from my hair, that part got me a little upset because I used almost the whole tub of the gel and I wanted to rock the hairstyle for atleast a week. PRODUCT REVIEW I used aunt Jackie’s don’t shrink elongating gel which is wonderful as far as I’m concerned, I’ll totally use It another time I want to do a wash and go, my hair was beautifully defined and there wasn’t the usual crunchy feel people complain about, it was still soft and I was just in love, my hair didn’t last shrink as badly as I expected based on how it behaves with water which is another thumb up.

For the flaking, I believe this is because of my previous application of the cream and oil, next time I’m going to try a wash and go, I’ll do it on freshly washed hair or use the curl defining cream on that product line. MY DINNER LOOK

What do you think? Would you try out this product? What do you normally apply to your hair before the gel? How do you combat flaking?

Please drop your comments below and don’t forget to stay glam! –Drop of black

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