How to twist your hair

Hey guys!

So yesterday I had a fun time trying to teach someone how to twist, we used my hair as practice and thankfully he got it after a few tries. That inspired my blog post for today, as easy as twists seem they are actually very easy to mess up because if you do it wrongly it’ll keep loosening.

What are twists?

Twists involve dividing the hair into sections then in each section rotating the hair strands around one another. There are single twists where you just twirl the hair with your fingers, two strand twists, three strand twists, flat twists. I will be elaborating on flat twists and two strand twists.

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Have fun, stay protected.

– Drop of black.

9 thoughts on “How to twist your hair

  1. Here’s what I Am try to learn, to flat twist my already two strand twist, this is possible right? ? Well I guess first I need to learn to flat twist 😂 😂


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