My deep conditioning routine

Hey guys!

In case you didn’t know, now you know deep conditioning is very important to keeping your hair strengthened and moisturized. I deep conditioned my hair on Friday and today is Tuesday, It’s still soft and well moisturized with my coils so nicely defined. I plan on doing this every week to get the best out of it but you can do it more often or less depending on your results, if your hair gets dryer much before the end of a week then you might want to do it twice a week, if after a week it’s still soft and moisturized then you may want to do it less often as over doing it can make the hair strands weak, too much of everything is bad.

DIY deep conditioner ingredients

  • Shea butter
  • Two eggs (For extra protein)
  • Few drops of Castor oil (any oil you have is cool though)

Making the deep conditioner

  • I put a nice amount of shea butter in a bowl, I just put as much as I think will be enough on my hair.
  • Then I broke two eggs into the bowl, I used two because I need the extra protein, we all need that extra protein for hair growth.
  • Then I put some drops of oil, you don’t have to measure just make sure it’s in moderation.
  • Then I used a whisk to mix it all up, you can also use a fork for this. It wasn’t completely smooth but once I got a smooth enough consistency I put it in a fridge for about an hour there about before I used it on my hair.


  • I sprayed my hair with water so it’s saturated, not dripping wet but so I can easily finger detangle.
  • I parted my hair into six sections, it can be more if you have shorter hair or less if your hair is longer.

  • I applied the deep conditioner section by section making sure to saturate the hair completely with it whilst paying more attention to my ends.
  • I covered my hair will a nylon bag then covered it with a towel, there are a lot of other ways to get the heating factor.
  • I left my covered hair for about thirty minutes then I rinsed out the deep conditioner. I made sure to get all the egg out and reduce the smell of the Shea butter because it can be pretty strong.
  • Then I dried my hair with a cotton T-shirt, towels are a no-no when it comes to drying afro hair.


  • My coils were popping, it wasn’t just matted and coil patternless ( yes I know that isn’t a word).
  • My hair was a lot softer and east to manage, and not just on that day.
  • The moisture locking capability of my hair was upped, it wasn’t brittle and dry as it usually gets after a while.

Extra tips

  • You can use any oil you have, Castor, coconut, argan, you can also use more than one oil.
  • Soak a towel with water, wring it then put in a microwave so that it’s hot before wrapping on the nylon bag covering so the heat can help the deep conditioner set into the hair shaft more.
  • Finger detangle before and after applying the deep conditioner
  • To keep the sections in place twist or braid the sections, if your hair is long enough put it in Bantu knots instead.
  • After rinsing out don’t forget to use your leave-in conditioner and oil moisturiser or cream on your hair, You can use the LOC or LOC method whichever you like.

There you have it guys!

You can try this deep conditioner or buy one from a store, the result is what matters the most. Have a good one.

-Drop of black.

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