Up your hair game this fall with these cute head wraps

I’ve got a few questions for you.

What is a piece of fabric that you tie on your head in various beautiful styles to protect your hair and still look really stylish? The answer is head wraps.

What is the perfect addition for your fall wardrobe? Stylish head wraps.

What beautiful fashion item can you add to your fall wardrobe at an affordable price and rock any season of the year? Stylish headwraps from Cee Cee’s closet NYC.

African print headwrap

Summer is drawing to a close and fall is right on its tail, so I figured it’s the right time to start preparing for your fall wardrobe additions and I have just the perfect one for you. Head wraps.

Headwraps are cloth adornments that cover the hair and beautify the wearer. They started as a part of the African culture and are called different names across Africa like gele by the Yoruba tribe, duku by certain tribes in Ghana and Doek in parts of southern Africa.

Now, not only are they an expression of culture but also a fashion statement. These clothe pieces can be decorated in various ways, embroidered and all other sorts.

Blue ankara head wraps

Beautiful head wraps

This post is brought to you by Cee Cee’s closet NYC but all opinions are mine. I have also added photos of my favourite designs all through the post, aren’t they just divine? Click on the photo to shop.

Why head wraps?

They are perfect for fall because it’s right in between the humidity of summer and the harsh dryness of winter meaning you should keep your hair protected from the unpredictable and unstable weather of this season of the year.

Head wraps are the perfect way to keep your hair out of the way when you’re not ready to style it. The school year is beginning and when all that stress sets in you may not exactly have time to plan out hairstyles and execute them so all you’ll need to do is grab your favourite headwrap and you’re good to go.

If you’re having a bad hair day or a day when you wake up and you’re not ready for anything hair care, then head wraps will be your best friends as they are a great way to salvage your look.

If they are satin/silk lined then its even better because help retain hair moisture. The satin lining of these stylish head wraps helps prevent friction and retain moisture in your hair so even after you take it off your hair still looks and feels great.

Head wraps for natural hair

Ankara style bandanas

How to shop for head wraps

When shopping for headwraps there are three major things to keep in mind;

  1. Style: This is the first because this is what you and everyone else sees first. The style should match your outfits and your personality in general so you will look good and feel good. Cee Cee’s closet NYC has the most beautiful designs in African fabrics and other fashion items that go great with the headwraps that you can check out here.
  2. Satin/Silk lining: I have mentioned the importance of this before but it can’t be overestimated because less friction means reduced hair breakage, length retention and a happy you. The headwraps at Cee Cee’s closet NYC have the silk lined and non-silk lined options for you to chose from.
  3. Durability: Pay attention to the reviews of your purchase, are they good or are they mostly negative? Don’t go for the cheapest, instead go for the best especially if it is still affordable.
  4. Size: Are you going for full sized headbands or smaller sized ones (called shorties)? Be sure to have an idea of what you want before you start shopping.

Beautiful head wraps

Head wraps for natural hair

How to style your head wraps

While there are pre-tied head wraps there is nothing wrong with getting creative and making your own head wrap styles and there are many ways to style them.

Here are three tutorials that I love from Cee Cee’s closet NYC tutorial section.

Pin for later..

Head wrap styles

Where to shop for head wraps

You can get beautiful african fabric design head wraps at CeeCee’s closet, they come in large full sizes and smaller sizes called shorties made in Ankara and lined with silk.

They also have other fashion items that might tickle your fancy like bandanas, waist beads, jewellry, hats and beautiful African themed clothes.

Shop now

Head wraps by ceecee

What are headwraps called

How to care for your head wraps

To ensure your wrap stays in top condition and lasts well for you, keep these three care points in mind.

  • Wash
  • Iron
  • Fold

Beautiful headwrap styles

How to style head wraps on natural hair

Which of these headwrap designs do you love? Be sure to check out Cee Cee’s closet NYC for more beautiful items and grab a few that you like.

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Stay stylish, stay you.

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