ABCs of Facial Scrubs

On my journey to healthier and smoother skin. I have learnt that exfoliating and facial scrubs are important aspects of a skin care regimen that can’t be over looked.

Do you know what facial scrubs are and how to use them? Have you found a good facial scrub that will help you achieve smooth glowing skin? How do you even find one anyways?

What are facial scrubs?

Facial scrubs are cream based products or mixtures (Incase of DIYs) that contain tiny exfoliating materials and when rubbed against the skin clear dead cells leaving the skin smoother.

Why are facial scrubs important?

  • Facial scrubs cleanse the skin deeply by clearing off dead cells and dirt in the skin pores.
  • They also even out the skin complexion by getting rid of the old flaky skin and revealing the softer healthier skin under.
  • They reduce aging and wrinkling of skin.
  • Clean pores means products can penetrate your skin easier and perform their function to give you healthier skin easier.
  • It helps reduce or prevent break outs.

How to use facial scrubs

  • Wet or wash your face with warm water.
  • Apply facial scrub and massage into skin for 1 minute.
  • Rinse off with warm water.
  • Pat skin dry.
  • Apply a moisturizer.
  • Do this twice a week as too often is bad for your skin health.

What makes a good facial scrub?

A good facial scrub should be gentle on the skin, it should open the pores to get out the dirt but not too much that your face looks like a strawberry.

It should have a good cream, particle balance and not have too large particles. It should also contain extracts that soothe the skin instead of cause irritations.

Things to keep in mind

It is best to be careful when using facial scrubs. Exfoliating too often or too aggressively can cause skin irritations. Symptoms like redness, burning sensation or even drier skin can be as a result of over exfoliation.

If you suffer from any of those, take a break from exfoliating right away.

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Do you normally use facial scrubs? What results have you gotten so far?

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Stay smooth, stay healthy.

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