Fro friend : Akinmolayan Aramide

Aramide is a friend of mine I have known for over 5 years and her natiral hair journey is one I just had to highlight.

It was awesome getting more insight into her relationship with her hair.

1. What is your name and give us an insight into what you do?
My name is Akinmolayan Aramide, I’m a writer and a model

2. How long have you been natural?

A year and 9 months

3. What is your hair type?


4. What is your hair porosity?

High porosity

5. Why did you turn natural?

The reason why I turned natural is because my hair relaxed and natural is almost the same…really strong although now that it’s natural… It’s surprisingly less strong!

6. What is your favourite thing about hair?

So far my hair growth and I think my hair listens to me in a way. I say sweet words to my hair…like ‘Adora you are so beautiful’

7. What is your least favourite thing about hair?

After using some products to help it stay it just sometimes stand stiff, like a palm tree!

8. What is your hair goal? Moisture, Length or Volume? (How long if your answer is length?)

Length and volume —way past BSL

9. What three hair products or tools can’t you do without in a week?

Shea butter, oil, edge control

10. What is your go-to hair style?

Buns, Afro

11. What part of your hair regimen can’t you do without?

I wash my hair every month end, deep condition once in two weeks,LOC.

12. Would you say you’re obsessed with your hair?

Very obsessed

13. How do you deal with the urge to compare your hair with others?

When I feel the urge… I just talk to my hair and say ‘Adora you can grow better’

14. Have you ever been segregated or treated negatively because of your hair?

Not really
15. What are your interests?

Music, Arts, Books

16. How can we reach you?

IG:@i_am_akinmolayan_aramide FB:Akinmolayan Aramide Twitter :@HarahmidayJ

You can check out her social media pages to connect with her, she is one of the friendliest people you will meet.

If you have a beautiful Afro you want to show off or you want to publicize your hair blog or YouTube channel, reach out to me in my contacts page and get featured!

The journey of getting acquainted with your natural hair is one I would love to partake in. I offer hair consultations at really cheap rates.

Stay glam, stay popping.

Drop of black.

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