1 year anniversary give away!

Hey guys!

It’s officially two weeks till A drop of black will be a year old and I am really excited about it. In a year I’ve been able to gather 200+ followers and though it may not be much compared to some other bloggers it’s a huge deal for me.

As I usually do every milestonem hit, I will be making some changes and new moves I am more than excited to share but that’s for another day.

I have been planning this give away for months and wondering how I’ll get the funds and all till I decided to reach out to KUI one of my favourite hair product lines (their leave in conditioning mist is my heart) and they agreed to support me by giving the winner a àwaeset of their products! That’s awesome, right?


This is open only to students of babcock university. I know I have loads of followers from other places and while I’ll love to be open to everybody this is what I can afford for now so bear with me till I can afford to host international give aways with multiple winners.


  • Follow my blog.
  • Follow my Instagram account and that of KUI.
  • Post a picture of your hair in its full glory (length doesn’t matter, neither does gender).
  • Tag me and using the hashtag #GlamFam and #1YearGiveAway.
  • I will acknowledge your entry by reposting the picture then you get to share to as many people as you like to vote for you on my Instagram page.
  • Voters must follow my account for the votes to be counted.
  • The person with the highest number of eligible votes wins!

Voting ends on the 28th of August which is A drop of black’s birthday!

I’m cooking up so many new things for you guys and I’m excited to take my blogging to a higher level. Thanks so much for sticking with me so far. I love y’all. Hugs and kisses flying around.

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