Transitioning 102 : Handling two hair textures

Transitioning to natural hair

Hey guys!

The underlying issue with transitioning your hair is that you get to handle two hair textures at once, for some people this is the most frustrating season of their natural hair journey but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Understand both hair textures are different.

Relaxed and natural hair are completely different, they won’t react the same way to most things. Understanding this will help you not to have unrealistic ideas of how your hair should act.

Be gentle

When you’re combing your hair or anything be sure to be gentle, your hair is fragile and you need to be careful so you don’t accidentally cause yourself breakage.


Constantly make sure you moisturize your hair, moisture will make your hair softer, easier to deal with and reduce breakage.

Deep condition once a week if you can, trust me this is very important to your hair health.

Style your hair to complement both textures

Don’t try to do and afro or something just yet. Do protective styles like braids or wigs and weaves, do braid out or twist outs if you will, those will create an equal curl pattern.

Tuck your ends in if you will, don’t pamper your natural hair and neglect the relaxed ends.

Who has decided to transition? Comment below so I can know. I’m so eager to find out!

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Stay glam, Stay you.

-Drop of black.

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