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Hey guys!

Its been almost seven months since I started this blog and I was so happy when I saw I had a 100+ followers, I thought it’ll take me a longer time to get this far. Thank you so much for bringing me this far. I am very humbled.

In the light of celebrating my hundred subscribers I decided to join an affiliate program where I can give you links of my hair products because some of my friends that read this blog have been asking me where to get things from. This program is with Jumia and I plan on extending to Amazon too for people who don’t stay in jumia covered areas.

I also stumbled on this site where you can advertise or reveiw for a company and get paid per post. Anyone interested can check it out here.

I have a lot of things cooked up for your guys and this blog. I plan on doing instagram 1 minute hair style videos soon enough and I am cooking up a lot of more informative hair series.

Tune in for a lot of awesome content from me this summer (I’m already on holidays). I plan on posting twice a week, those that care to notice will know that I post on Tuesdays but I’ll add Fridays or Saturdays, I dont want to post randomly so I’ll be sticking to that routine till when school starts again and I’ll go back to my once a week.

I also am doing a fitness challenge this summer and if you’re interested, I’ll dedicate fridays to those things I’m learning about health and body fitness, (since Friday as a post day will be only during summer anyways).

If you haven’t followed yet don’t forget to, subscribe with your e-mail if you’re not registered on WordPress and let’s get glammed!

P.s how does #GlamFam sound? If you have a cooler name, please drop your suggestions too.

Keep being awesome, Thank you so much for the love.

Stay true, Stay glam

Drop of black

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