Hair terminologies

Hey guys!

It’s Toni here and I’m going to be doing by best to educate y’all about hair terms, they can be confusing at times when you just come into the whole natural hair thing, so I got a few terms that I use very often and their meanings down for you.

  • Afro – Afro is natural curly or coily hair that is rounded in shape. Afros differ in size based on the length of the hair, longer hair makes bigger afros.

  • Bantu knots – This hairstyle is nice for moisture retention and getting more defined curls, the hair is sectioned then twisted into knots, when loosened the resulting curls look so lovely. The hairstyle resulting from the loosened knots is called a Bantu knot out.

  • Big chop – This is one term that is all over the place now with a lot of people transitioning and all. It involves cutting relaxed or chemically treated or heat damaged hair so as to leave only the natural hair.
  • Braid outs – This is another hairstyle that results in more defined lovely curls, the hair us braided while moist or damp then after it dries is loosened. The resulting curls are just beautiful.

  • Co-wash – This is short for conditioner wash, it involved washing the hair with conditioner only, it is done between shampoo washes as frequent shampooing is bad due to the ingredients present in the shampoo. It basically conditions the hair, keeps it soft and manageable.
  • Corn rows – Its a type of braiding style where the hair is braided close to the scalp, a lot of designs can be accomplished with corn rows.

  • Detangler – A detangler is a type of hair conditioner that helps in reducing tangles in the hair by making the smoothing the scales on the hair strands.
  • Detangling – Detangling is the process of separating the tangles so that the hair is easier to style and handle, it can be done with combs or by finger detangling. Its more advisable to finger detangle more or finger detangle before using a comb in order to reduce breakage.
  • Deep conditioning – The aim of deep conditioning is to help the hair retain more moisture,a moisturizing conditioner is applied to the hair then slight heat is applied for long periods of time.
  • Flat twists – It is similar to corn rows except it involves two strands twisted close to the scalp so it lies on the head.

  • Fluff – This is finger combing your hair so it appears bigger and fuller especially when it’s in an afro.
  • Protective hairstyles – these are hairstyles that hide the ends of the hair, preventing it from exposure to damaging agents that may lead to split ends. It is aimed at gaining longer healthier hair.
  • Shrinkage – The ability of african hair to coil up and look shorter than it actually is.


  • Transitioning – This is the period in which you’re taking steps of changing your hair from a chemical treated or relaxed hair to a fully natural virgin hair.
  • Trimming – This is otherwise known as dusting, it involves cutting the split ends off the edges of your hair, it’s not something that should be done often as it’s aim is getting off split ends not reducing your hair length and it also should be done with a professional hair scissors.
  • Twist outs – This is another curl defining hair style where the hair is twisted while damp then dried and loosened.

  • Wet and go – This is also called wash and go except wash and go involves actual washing, this involves spraying the hair with conditioner and water so it’s damp then finger twisting to enhance the natural curls. Then you can style as you want to.

I hope that has been a help to somebody, if you have any other terms you would like me to add to the list or anything, comment below or you can contact me.

Have a nice day!

– Drop of black.

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