Protective styling


Hi guys!

I know protective styling is like a term that is literally all over the place but do we really know what it means and the main aim of protective styling? Well after reading this you sure will.

What is protective styling?

Protective styling entails covering the ends of your hair. As we all know the ends of the hair are the oldest part of the Hair and hence the weakest so they need to be protected half the time so that they don’t break off.

I know it’s awesome wearing your afro with everybody complementing your hair but we need to be able to draw the balance so that the ends don’t fall off, nobody will complement non-healthy hair.

Types of protective styling.

  1. Braid

  • Box braids
  • Corn rows
  • French braid
  • Ghana braid
  • Dutch braid

2. Twists

  • Flat twists
  • Two strand twists
  • Three strand twists
  • Havana twists
  • Senegalese twists

3. Weaves and wigs

4. Up-dos

  • Bun
  • Chignon
  • Top knot

Braids or twists can be packed up into various styles and classified as up-dos too.

What’s your favourite type of protective styling?

Have fun and have healthy hair!

– Drop of black

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